Landing page customization for paid traffic


How to make the best landing page template for PPC?

Paid traffic has many details one has to follow to get a good return on ad spend. One of the big things that can improve conversion rate significantly is having landing pages dedicated to the PPC channel.

I've been testing landing pages for some years with my freelance customers and decided to create a landing page template specifically for paid traffic so that anyone can kick start a new project that works well in no time.

This article will focus on lead gen, B2B and generally form submission types of targets (signups/registrations/form submissions).

What are the specifics of a landing page for paid traffic?

  • The page has to convert well with the target audience (needs to be to-the-point, have a good functional design, be mobile friendly and provide a balanced amount of text/media)
  • The page has to load fast, even on a slow 3g connection
  • The page has to be secure: https + bots protection
  • The page needs to send user data from the webform to the CRM

I approached these problems the following way:

  • Took the best practices from well-established brands. In a lot of cases, I witnessed how much traffic can flow through a single landing page and noticed design patterns that work
  • Created a custom HTML/CSS/JS template (CSS based on a UI library weighting less than 250Kb with images
  • Optimised for Lighthouse using advice
  • Connected to the spreadsheet by converting a spreadsheet into a web app (github)
  • Added custom JS script to gather user parameters and report post-conversions (offline conversions that happen when lead becomes a customer, i.e. qualified leads)
  • Hosted on the Cloudflare Pages through Github

High-Converting Landing Page Template for PPC

Manage Your Leads With Ease With a Google Spreadsheet. Accurately report Leads Using Measurement Protocol. Improve Your Google Quality and Lighthouse Scores.


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