How I got green scores in Google Lighthouse for a landing page


Google is prioritizing websites that load fast and are mobile-friendly. But how to make sure the landing page is good enough?

I've found a fantastic resource with the best practices:

After implementing the suggestions, I was able to get a very high score:

lighthouse score for

To score well in Lighthouse, the page has to follow specific rules, and the best way to check for recommendations is to install the Lighthouse extension and, with just one click, get a report for any website. Alternatively, there's a PageSpeed Insights, an online version. The report contains the scores and all the info needed to improve the landing page.

Another important note is to format all the images into lower resolution and .wepb format. It will decrease the size of your images by 10x or more. But, again, you can do it for free with photopea.

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